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Our staff has the passion, experience and desire to teach the profound lessons of Martial Arts to all who will listen.  Our Goal is to guide you on the path to a greater you.  Students partner and motivate each other to put forth maximum effort and become the best they can be!  Our facility is the perfect environment for people to come together, encourage and help each other to learn and grow.

Sensei Mondale Ego

Sensei Mondale has been training and teaching in Kajukenbo and Aikido  for over 25 years.  Sensei Mondale is passionate and

innovative in the kajukido method.  His classes are fun and can both be physically and mentally, challenging.

 Sensei's commitment and love to Realistic Budo (The Way) builds in his students confidence and strength transforming from within.

"You're the Center of the Universe"

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Location​​​​​​: 901. N. 8th Street - San Jose, California 95112

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